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In the new “green” era where organic milk sales increased 25% to $2.67 billion in 2006, it is surprising that Starbucks is dropping the organic dairy option. As of February 26th, you will no longer be able to order your venti, quad, no foam, chai latte with organic milk.

The change comes with an across the board conversion to milk free of rBGH. Starbucks will no longer carry organic milk, but all milk will now be free of the controversial growth hormone.

Apparently, organic milk only made up 1% of beverage sales at the caffeine mecca. Starbucks has stocked organic milk since 2001 in an effort to provide customers with the option of milk free of rBGH. Now that the hormone free milk is widely available, the switch will be permanent. However, customers wishing to forgo the pesticides, fertilizers and antibiotics will have to deal. For the chemical weary java junkies, maybe soy is an option, as Starbucks does use organic soy milk.

For more information on the article reviewed and utilized for this post, please visit the Wall Street Journal.


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One of the nation’s largest organic milk producers, Aurora Organic Dairy, has been sued with allegations that the milk they produce and label as organic doesn’t meet federal organic standards.

A hearing is set for January 30th in Phoenix to hear motions to consolidate nearly a dozen lawsuits that have been filed.

Aurora sells their organic milk for private labeling to major retailers such as WalMart, Target, Costco and Safeway.

Aurora Organic Dairy denies these allegations.

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