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I read a freakishly large amount of material, but a study in the March/April issue of Mothering really caught my eye.

A recent study conducted by the University of Michigan has determined that the strongest predictor of violence in adulthood is children’s repeated exposure to violent entertainment and participation in the virtual violence found in most video games.

The study states that such exposure more strongly influences future aggressive behavior than does living in poverty, engaging in substance abuse, or having abusive parents.

Specific findings include the following:

  • Men in their early 20s who were heavy viewers of violent TV shows between the ages of six and nine were twice as likely as other men to push, grab, or shove thier spouses. They were also three times as likely to be convicted of criminal behavior.
  • Women who were high-volume viewers of violent shows as young children were more than twice as likely as other women to have thrown something at their spouses, and more than four times as likely as other women to have punched, beaten, or choked another adult.
  • Playing violent video games changes brain function, desensitizing chronic players to actual violence.

This study is hardly lonesome. Google the subject and a plethora of information is at your disposal.


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