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A while back I did a post on carmine. It is an additive in processed foods and utilized as a red food coloring agent.

Yesterday I was at the dentist, and while waiting, I picked up a copy of Glamour Magazine and started to look through it. On page 144 of the January issue, they have a story about “The Health Truth of Your Favorite Foods.” There is a cover picture of pink yogurt and it discusses carmine, what it really is (ground beetle carcass) and alternatives to using it (i.e. buy plain yogurt and add honey).

Hopefully with all the press, food companies will seek alternatives…


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disapproving finger

Just days after the FDA approved cloned meat and milk for consumption, the EU shook a disapproving finger and warned Europeans of the dangers.

A report by the European Group on Ethics in Science and New Technologies says that the risks of negative effects were grave enough to keep cloned products off the European market.

There are “doubts as to whether cloning animals for food supply is ethically justified,” the group said in a statement. “At present,” the group said, it does “not see convincing arguments to justify the production of food from clones and their offspring.”


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Yesterday, the FDA approved the consumption of meat and milk from cloned animals, stating it was “safe.” But the government has asked animal cloning companies to continue a voluntary moratorium on sales for a little longer — for marketing reasons.

USDA Undersecretary Bruce Knight called it a transition period for “allowing the marketplace to adjust.” He wouldn’t say how long the moratorium should continue.

Several large companies – including Dean Foods Co. and Hormel Foods Corp. – have said they have no plans to sell milk or meat from cloned animals because of the consumer anxiety about the technology.

And maybe with good reason- the technology hasn’t been perfected — and many attempts at livestock cloning still end in fatal birth defects or with deformed fetuses dying in the womb. Dolly, (the first successfully cloned sheep) was euthanized in 2003, well short of her normal lifespan, because of a lung disease that raised questions about how cloned animals will age.

Moreover, the FDA does not require labels on meat or milk stating the source was a cloned animal.


For more information on this subject, please visit MSNBC.


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Shots or slammer? It is a choice many Prince George County, MD parents have been given. In what amounts to one of the toughest legal roundups in the US regarding vaccinations, more than 1,600 parents were ordered to appear in circuit court last Saturday (11.17.07) to have their children immunized. Apparently more than 2,000 students are missing their state mandated shots. Some students have missed more than a month of school because of non-compliance. Parents who fail to comply with the court order could face up to 10 days in jail and be fined up to $50.


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