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I do often solemnly swear til’ death do us part to keep you updated on certain things I post. Generally, this relates to lawsuits, and they can take their sweet old time.

I did, however, find some information relating back to the story on mandatory vaccinations in Maryland, which you may view here.

State Attorney Glen Ivy did subsequently state that there is in fact no law in the United States that makes vaccinations mandatory. Instead, if you are truant due to the lack of vaccinations, then criminal penalties may be imposed.

And interestingly enough, Ivy admits he prevented his children from receiving the same vaccinations at issue here. Ivy does state parents may use a waiver form to legally opt out of vaccines.

You may listen to an interview with Ivy on the Alex Jones Show here.

To view a blatantly inaccurate Fox news report stating that a law had been passed requiring the vaccinations (14th Amendment anyone?) please visit here.


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The ruling that was expected yesterday from Brazil’s Supreme Court regarding embryonic stem cell research is now expected in the next ten to thirty days.

Five hours into the Supreme Court session, Justice Carlos Alberto Menezes Direito formally requested more time to consider the issue.

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Brazil’s Supreme Court is set to rule today on whether scientists may conduct embryonic stem cell research.

A new Brazilian law allowing research on embryos resulting from in-vitro fertilization frozen for at least three years was cited as unconstitutional in a petition by General Claudio Fontelles. He argued that the law was unconstitutional because it violated the right to life.

“Brazil has the potential to be a significant leader in this field,” said Bernard Siegel, the executive director of the Florida-based Genetic Policy Institute. “And if the Supreme Court decides to allow this kind of research, then Brazil will become the Latin American leader in this field.”

In opposition to the law, Roman Catholic Church officials have urged the court to ban stem cell research, agreeing with Fontelles that it ends human life. The Church does clarify that their opposition only extends to embryonic stem cells, not adult stem cells.

Brazilian President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva favors the current law, allowing for embryonic stem cell research.

We will see how the Brazilian Supreme Court rules…

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Kapparot is a Jewish ritual in which a person holds a chicken over their head and swings it in a circle three times while praying for atonement.  The fowl are then donated to the poor for food.  It is a traditional ceremony performed between Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur.  The intention is that the fowl will take on any misfortune that might otherwise occur to the one who has taken part in the ritual, in punishment for his or her sins.

Recently, a court in Petach Tikva, Israel, ruled that kapparot violated the country’s animal welfare laws.  Rabbinical law does permit an alternative though.  Money may be substituted for the bird which is subsequently also donated to charity.

For more information on kapparot, please visit The Jewish Virtual Library

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