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I don’t purposely seek out undercover animal cruelty videos (due to the fact that I do not enjoy watching them and already know, in general, what goes on at meat plants), but recently posted one involving the animal abuse crackdown at the Westfield Meat Co. in California.

A recent visitor to Veg Lawyer also has some eye opening video posted on the main page of her web log. It involves Tyson Foods.

Caution: It is disturbing, and in my opinion, not for little eyes.

I am posting this because of the various private comments I have received on the Westfield story, which basically can be summed up with, “I had no idea!”

I’m all for education.

You may view the video here. *You need to scroll down on the home page until you see the video link on the right.


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The USDA has shut down the Westland Meat Company due to numerous egregious violations.  The Chino, California meat company was suspended from doing business after the Humane Society released a horrifying video of animal cruelty at the company. The USDA suspended inspection at Westland Meat Company based on the establishment’s clear violation of federal regulations and the Humane Methods of Slaughter Act.

The video footage was obtained by an employee of the Humane Society who had gone  undercover at the company and recorded the tortuous acts committed on the animals.

Westland Meat Company and sister company Hallmark Meat are one of the largest suppliers of beef to the USDA.  The USDA distributes the meat to school lunch programs, the elderly and American Indians.

To view the video, please click here or hereWARNING: it is horrific and in my opinion, not appropriate for children to view.

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AIDS red ribbon

A new law was signed by Acting Governor Richard J. Codey last Wednesday in N.J. that will take effect in six months.  It requires that HIV testing become a part of routine prenatal care.  Some say this law will put New Jersey at the forefront of the national fight against HIV transmission to babies.

“We can significantly reduce the number of infections to newborns and help break down the stigma associated with the disease,” Codey said. “For newborns, early detection can be the ultimate lifesaving measure.”

The New Jersey bill will allow women to opt out of the routine testing, but newborns will be required to be tested when the mother has tested positive or her HIV status is unknown.

The American Civil Liberties Union and some women’s groups contend the bill deprives women of authority to make medical decisions.

According to the Kaiser Foundation, New Jersey is ranked third highest in the nation for female AIDS cases.

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