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If you should find yourself in a correctional facility, you may not be able to stick to that veg diet. There is a great journal article by Bernard J. Farber, Esq. that discusses the legal issues related to diet while serving time in a correctional facility. You may view his article here.

If your meal requests are based on sincerely held religious beliefs then you will likely end up with that tofu plate. Mr. Farber states the current applicable legal standard is that, if the denial of such requests would substantially burden an inmate’s practice of his or her religion, such denials must be justified by a “compelling” government interest, and the denial must be shown to be the “least restrictive means” of serving that compelling interest.

Even if you do qualify for veg fare while incarcerated, hopefully maggots and mice aren’t on your veg list of no-no’s. Farber cites a case where the court found no violation of law in serving a maggot infested meal to a prisoner and another where no violation was found when the prisoner found a dead mouse in his meal.

There’s some food for thought…


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